Hair Butter

Anytime I think of this hair butter I can’t avoid the smile that comes to my face, this all-natural product was derived out of pure frustration. Prices were too high for a product that did not include all the ingredients. Certain ingredients that were stripping the hair to add a gloss over the hair and lacked nutrients as well as protection, so the hair essentially looks great until you wash it, and then you can feel how dry and fragile the hair feels. As a stylist and a lover of hair, this was not going to fly. I began by researching the benefits of natural oils and how to combine the oils for maximum benefit. There are so many variations that will help you reach one goal or another, well,  I wanted it all in one jar.

Essential oils are also a vital component in this butter; providing scalp stimulation which can spark hair growth, moisture, antibacterial properties, and not to mention a tantalizing aroma.

 This all-natural blend was created in two different consistencies with all hair types in mind.

For the natural with thick, coiled hair that needs real hydration – that lasts. Have you ever twisted your hair and it has finally dried and during the takedown, you discover that your hair has absorbed the product you used or there is a sticky residue that totally cancels out that great shampoo and condition? Or where the detangling time alone was enough for tacky feeling hair to be a bit of an upset? We have you covered – moisture, shine, nutrients, and health all in one jar.

 We also carry a lighter mix that works well as a pre-poo (applied before shampooing) for applied added moisture. I realize that the formation of the curl and the thin or thickness of the hair plays a determining factor in the amount of product and how heavy a product should be for the hair. The agitation of a moisturizer being too heavy for the hair is no fun either. Our lightweight hair butter works magic on color-treated hair providing needed nutrients that can often be stripped during the color process. Or clients who suffer from dry, itchy, irritated scalp the butter can provide the relief without being thick enough to clog the hair follicles which can create irritation. The hair follicles on the scalp need to breathe along with follicles on the body.

Regardless of where you are on your hair journey, we have something for you. Let’s grab a jar and enjoy hydration in every area of our lives.

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