Natural Scented Butter

Our natural scented butter is just that – natural. This all-natural blend provides purity and scent that only mother nature herself could provide; with each oil having its own nutty quality. This double whipped body butter is safe for all skin types, including your little ones. It also provides relief from skin irritations caused by autoimmune diseases such as eczema. Ladies, as we cannot forget about you, have no fear while using this special blend of body butter on those intimate places. The pure and extraordinary specialty of this blend lacks chemical irritants that most products have.

As a mother, I have often dealt with skin irritations such as rashes, eczema, acne, and dry patches that just appear. I began to realize: not only was it important that I look at what we were eating, but also what we were putting on our bodies.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing compares to drinking the right amount of water every day and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, yet I cannot deny that due to the skin’s absorption rate it is also a form of consumption. Certain chemicals speed up the body’s natural ability to absorb any product applied topically, which can create irritation. It also can create a small risk of the chemicals reaching the bloodstream. Chemicals are the building blocks for outward signs, such as skin rashes, which typically leave us with our smiles upside down. This all-natural product was created with you in mind; we wear so many hats in today’s society: mother, father, employee, CEO. Each of these titles requires that we take form in a multitude of ways, so, let me take what I can off of your plate. You don’t have to stop and google words you cannot identify when looking at labels or trying to dodge chemicals. Find peace and know for a fact that someone cares, and has taken the time to ensure that there is a product that is 100% chemical-free. So, go ahead and take charge where that extra push is needed.

Yes, I intend to build a brand so that I may leave my children’s children an inheritance, but I would not sacrifice you to do so, you are valued here; your health and wellbeing are the top priority. Grab a jar and embark on a magical journey of body appreciation and exploration.   

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