Scent Infused Butter

Our scented jars of butter are created with intention, essential oils, and a blend of all-natural oils to help nourish the skin along with the soul.

Let’s start with just a few of the many benefits of essential oils. Essential oils have been known to boost energy levels, improve brain function, balance hormones, alleviate ached and pains, boost skin and hair health, and promote restful sleep. As you can see, the benefits are so great why would we use anything else to scent an all-natural product?

 Our scented butter comes in three different varieties:

 A-WAY OUT which was handcrafted to remove any anxiety you may feel in the moment; a calm getaway during any adversity. I have dealt with anxiety on many levels and I must credit meditation with the ability to face anxiety head-on. Placing essential oils on the wrist and on the tops of the shoulders can work wonders in a pinch. Allow Healing Treasure the opportunity to help you wosah.

Next, we have our Self-Love blend. This blend was created to remind us of how magnificent the body is – a temple if you will. I find too often that we have a lack of connection with our temple, yet it provides us with so much beauty. I am beyond grateful for my travels around the world, they gifted me the ability to grasp the importance of a temple. They also granted me the freedom of understanding that I am the temple, which inhabits the divinity of all creation at every moment of this life. Rub on a full heart – generously allow it to soak in and fill you with love and appreciation for how wonderfully you were constructed without blemish or mistake.

Last but certainly not least, we have Ground Me: a yummy blend of earthy scents that help us find our balance in a world that seems so quickly upset. This blend provides a moment for a deep breath to gather your thoughts and emotions, so that you can head out into the world clear and balanced. Mother earth grants us the beautiful gift of allowing us to place our delicate feet on her earth. To feel alive as though stating, “I am here!”. With things moving so quickly it can be easy to feel as though your feet are not touching the ground; you just need a moment to pull it all back together. This is the blend for you – soothing, comforting, and relaxing. Clear the clutter, breathe, and return to your heart center with this beautiful blend.

 It is recommended that the scented butter is applied to the wrist, forearms, décolleté, and bottom of the feet. Please consult a physician before using if you have any life-threatening illnesses.

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